Breakfast at J’s

Pomegranate seeds

Kiwi slices

Yellow bell pepper

Goji berries

Greek yogurt with honey and cinnamon

Toasted whole-wheat pita bread

Hard-boiled eggs

Fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice

3 Responses to Breakfast at J’s

  1. Greek yogurt with honey & walnuts is amazing, but now I’ll try cinnamon, too. But I need you to weigh in on an ongoing debate I have with some friends– I say the full-fat version is the only way to go, with a possible admission of 2%. They say 0% tastes the same; I say it tastes like garbage.


  2. localizing says:

    Jerry and I are of the firm opinion that the fat in Greek yogurt is what makes it Greek yogurt. When Jerry was in Greece, he observed that Greek people are svelte and that they eat full-fat Greek yogurt every day. They claim it improves their memory.

    In fairness, however, I have never eaten reduced fat Greek yogurt. So maybe it’s actually good but I just don’t know it yet.

  3. Agreed! I’m opposed to low-fat alternatives in general. They usually taste icky and are less filling, so I eat more.

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