Pie Making Extravaganza

1. Flowered lattice pie 2. B & W rolling pin 3. B & W Girl Rolling Out Dough 4. Twisted lattice pie

I’m having people over for pie-making tomorrow and I’m very excited about it! Everyone is bringing the ingredients for their favorite pie filling, so we’ll have a nice jumble of delicacies. I’ll make spanakopita and something else – I’m thinking about this blood orange tart from Smitten Kitten.

2 Responses to Pie Making Extravaganza

  1. The first and last pictures look amazing. Does the crust actuallly look like that after the pie is baked?

  2. localizing says:

    You know, I’m really not sure. The best way to find out would be to contact the photographers directly. If you click on the caption you’re interested in, it will take you over to their flickr pages, where you can leave whatever compliments, comments, and questions you want.

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