Green Market Inspiration

I’m heading off to the farmers market in a few minutes after an inspiring glance through Ranjit’s greenmarket photos. I see carrots and other root vegetables in my very near future.

I’m going to make a habit of looking at Ranjit’s greenmarket photos from the year before, and I encourage you to do the same. Looking at what grew here this time last year is really useful because it builds seasonal literacy. More importantly, it inspires us to make the freezing invigorating trek to the farmers market.

Have a look, get inspired, and go directly to your nearest farmers market! I have a list of year-round farmers markets for New Yorkers, and I’m working on compiling a list for other places. If there’s a winter farmers market where you live, drop a note in comments and let us know where it is, when it’s open, and what you can find there.

Bon appetit, everyone! Don’t forget to bundle up!

One Response to Green Market Inspiration

  1. Elizabeth says:

    We were inspired by your blog to store up our provisions….while visiting Dad this weekend, the two of us whipped together a big pot of bulghur (part to freeze and part to turn into tabouli), a large pot of red lentils flavored with tempering oil, a large pot of brown rice (to divide into individual servings for the freezer), a huge pot of white bean chili (many, many dinners with this one!), and a 13 by 9 pan of cornbread (18 servings to accompany any bean dish)…we did this, including the shopping, in under four hours (but, then again we /I know my way around the kitchen!). I figure that we made about forty meals….240 minutes divided by 40 gets us down to 6 minutes per meal not counting the reheating time! Voila…now, that’s a way to leverage one’s time.

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