What to Eat for Breakfast

Eating four or five fruits and vegetables for breakfast is kind of like working on your dissertation in the morning. In both cases, you’ve knocked out one of your top priorities before 9 A.M. and this clears space for everything else.

If you’ve put in an hour with your biggest project, you’re free to concentrate on your upcoming deadline at work, sorting out your e-mail, calling the plumber, or planning an excursion. You haven’t just gotten the work done. You have also gotten it off of your mind.

Eating four or five servings of fruits and vegetables works the same way. Once you have taken care of this major nutritional priority, it’s pretty easy to take care of the rest of your nutritional needs if you just keep eating. It’s hard not to get enough of the major macronutrients or another serving of fruit and vegetables, if you eat three meals a day and a couple of snacks.

Here’s one example of a hearty, fruit and vegetable-packed breakfast.

Check out Jerry’s YouTube channel here.

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