Scallion Pancakes

Why, we wonder, do our scallion pancakes not look like this?

Why, we wonder, do our scallion pancakes not look like this?

Photo credit: megan.ohara.

Jerry and I are going through an obsession with scallion pancakes. How do you get them to cook all the way through? Is there a leavening ingredient? Why are the scallion pancakes we order in restaurants so much oilier than the ones we make at home? Could it be that they use more oil? Why do their scallions taste stronger than our scallions? Are scallions and green onions really the same thing?

You get the idea. We are looking for a good scallion pancake recipe, so if you have one, send it along!

Here’s our current approach:

Pour some whole wheat flour in a bowl. Beat a couple of eggs in a coffee mug, add some water or soymilk, and stir it into the flour until the it’s about the consistency of pancake batter. Chop up a bunch of scallions and stir them in. Heat some olive oil in a pan and pour in some batter. Get too impatient and/or paranoid about burning the pancake and flip it a little too early. (I know, I know, wait for lots of little bubbles, right? We have a hard time with this step.)

Eat it (with relish! they’re good even when they’re oozing batter from the middle) and wonder why they don’t taste like the restaurant version. Do you think they use more oil? Well, what kind of oil do you think they use? Why do their scallions taste so strong?

Update: I just found a scallion pancake recipe, on flickr, of all places. It turns out that you have to knead the dough before adding the scallions and the dough does not include eggs! And it’s true – they do use more oil in the restaurant version! They also use salt! Lots of salt! There are pictures of all the steps here and here.

2 Responses to Scallion Pancakes

  1. I’m not a fan of salty food, so my entire life, I’ve never added salt to anything. In fact, if a recipe calls for it, I’ll often leave it out or use less than is required. A good friend of mine is a chef and I asked him once why my dishes always turn out so bland, no matter how many herbs & spices I add.

    “Salt. Lots and lots of salt. More than you think.”

    Well, there you go.

  2. localizing says:

    I was the same way. When I lived in Italy, my host family put salt on their salad and changed my life.Or at least my relationship to salad. Lettuce tastes so much better if you salt it! Who knew?

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