Mushroom Mosaic


1. The Mushrooms, 2. 4mushrooms, 3. Blue Turkey Tail (tramentes versicolor), 4. Stropharia aeruginosa, 5. Magic mushrooms for rainbow11, 6. CEP, 7. Good or bad mushrooms? / Bons ou mauvais champignons?, 8. Perspective, 9. Little Desert Survivor, 10. smooching mushrooms, 11. ‘shroom, 12. Pinwheel Marasmius or Horsehair Mushroom (Marasmius rotula), 13. Mushroom/1.4, 14. Mushrooms, 15. The Faerie-World, 16. Amanita, 17. Lilliputian Meadows, 18. Fliegenpilz mal anders – fly mushroom seen otherwise, 19. Fly Agaric (Amanita Muscara) – IMG_7677, 20. Nice and dangerous, 21. land of magic, 22. Just common Sulfur Tuft, 23. Mushroom in dark wood, 24. An Umbrella for Ladybirds, 25. MUSHROOMS=:)

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