Pancakes with a Hint of Orange

1. Easter Egg, 2. Baby-Goat im Jülicher Brückenkopfpark, 3. Green Apple Bee!, 4. California Oranges on the Vine in San Diego, California
I was in the middle of making pancakes when I realized that we were out of milk. We were also out of soy milk, rice milk, and almond milk.*

Not one to be discouraged by a lack of basic ingredients, I plunged ahead.

I poured a nice little mound of whole wheat flour (I’d estimate it was about a cup) into a saucepan (our collection of bowls had been conscripted into pasta storage service) and added a small spoonful of baking powder (no time for hunting down the measuring spoons – I think I used a little less than a teaspoon). I broke an egg into a coffee mug, beat it, added enough Greek yogurt to fill the cup halfway, poured in enough orange juice to fill the cup to the 2/3 mark, stirred it all together and added it to the flour. The batter was still too thick at that point, so I added another coffee mug of water and some walnuts.

Then I cooked myself some pancakes, and they were very, very good.

*Jerry and I do not keep all of these milks in the fridge simultaneously. His refrigerator is the size of the tiny little fridge you rented freshman year of college, which means that stockpiling beverages isn’t practicable unless you want to give up refrigerating food.

4 Responses to Pancakes with a Hint of Orange

  1. localizing says:

    It is.

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