Stand Up For Your Place

A page from my sketchbook

A page from my sketchbook

I think localizing is about loving the place where you are, wherever it is. It’s about knowing when the crocuses are starting to come up, having a favorite block, and dragging your houseguests on zigzagging tours of your neighborhood. It’s about going to the farmers market and eating all the things that are in season. It’s about spending a little more because you want to have farms outside your town, not endless strip malls and subdivisions.

It’s about showing up at planning commission meetings and talking about how you think your community should grow.

It’s about writing letters to your state senators telling them that you do want good schools, and you do want a good public transportation system, and that the last thing we should do when times are hard is to withdraw into our own private lives and budgets. We’ve got to keep chipping in when the times are hard because pooling our resources to pay for public schools and buses is the way we provide the infrastructure that allows people to live simply on a small budget.

It’s about calling your Congressional representative and your Senator, especially if you live in a state that produces coal or automobiles, and telling them that they’ve got to pass a climate change plan that is ambitious enough to keep our climate safe and that this is not the time to compromise or wring our hands about the automobile industry or the coal mining industry. It is absolutely crazy to talk about saving an industry at the expense of a liveable planet, and they need to know that their constituents think that.

So love your place, wherever it is, and stand up for it.

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