Old Friends

Do you have recipes that you make over and over, recipes that are stained and tattered at the edges, and recipes that you never read because you know them by heart?

Here’s my list – leave yours in comments.

Focaccia & variants

Pancakes of one variety or another

Lentil-spinach soup

Grits with cheese

Breakfast at J’s – boiled sweet potatoes, eggs, and kale

Dressing a salad with lemon & olive oil


Coconut pie


Sauteing onions & garlic

Oatmeal bread & variants

Muffins & variants

One Response to Old Friends

  1. kathleen says:

    Mine are almost entirely pasta-based, but:

    Spaghetti with homemade sauce (read: whatever random things are on hand go in). The only thing my dad ever cooked for us growing up, and still my ultimate go-to comfort food. I learned a lot about experimenting in cooking from his made-up concoctions, though as an adult I tend to stick with more traditional tomato-onion-garlic-wine recipes.

    Pesto–on pasta, on rice, on chicken, on veggies in the summer

    Homemade Mac n’ Cheese

    Roasted chicken/veggies

    Cuban black bean stew, made into rice and beans or burritos later

    Strawberry banana smoothies

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