Clearly, My Boyfriend Is Not From Wisconsin*

Yesterday, I asked Jerry to pick up some feta for dinner, and this is the conversation we had about cheese.

J: So, is feta cheese a strong cheese?

Me: Yes.  It’s very salty.

J: Is it crumbly?

Me: Yes.

J: Is it like blue cheese?

Me: No.

J: I think blue cheese is the kind I don’t like. It was white and crumbly. Do you eat it on a cracker?

Me: No.

J: I like extra sharp cheddar cheese.

Me: Me too.


J: Is it like mozzarella?

Me: No.

J: Is it like what they have in a grilled chicken caesar salad wrap?

Me: Yes! (Only, now that I think about it, maybe it’s parmesan. But I think feta cheese could go with a caesar salad…)

Later on…

J: So you put the brie in the pasta and it melts, is that how it works?

Me: (Puzzled look) It’s feta. It gets a warm but it pretty much holds its shape.

*Or France. Or anywhere else people eat cheese.

*** Jerry would just like to point out that there are BILLIONS OF PEOPLE who do not eat cheese, or dairy products, and that I should stop inflicting my Wisconsinite cultural-culinary standards on everybody.

5 Responses to Clearly, My Boyfriend Is Not From Wisconsin*

  1. Hahaha! Feta is my faaaaaaaaaave. And yes, I think it’s Parmesan in Caesar salad wraps.

  2. p.s. Tell him that feta is what’s on Greek salads! Though I’m sure he’s figured it out by now. Also excellent with spinach and garlic in scrambled eggs. Mmmmmmmm.

  3. localizing says:

    I think I did tell him that feta was the cheese in Greek salads…and then he was all “I like cheddar cheese.”

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Does this mean that Jerry won’t be making the pilgrimage to Monroe, Wisconsin for a limberger cheese sandwich?

  5. localizing says:

    Let’s not inflict limberger cheese on Jerry. It is a totally disgusting substance.

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