Sewing Vortex


Now that my friends have begun having babies, I’ve gotten my sewing machine out in earnest. Tracing patterns, ripping out seams where they go wrong, making buttonholes. I haven’t wanted to do anything else in weeks.

I don’t know why I’ve been so intent on sewing since school let out, but I think it has a lot to do with meaningful work. I find tremendous satisfaction in working through problems – fixing the bobbin, working out the pattern instructions, exercising the spatial reasoning neurons that lie dormant during exams. I like making something tangible – this baby, born in April of 2009, will wear this dress; these people whom I love will eat this pie. Most of all, I like working on my own project, deciding what to work on and how.

I was too excited about putting this dress in the mail to stop and take a picture, but it’s made from the same fabric as the bloomers.

2 Responses to Sewing Vortex

  1. […] been making oliver + s’s teaparty dress and bloomers for all the new little girls in my life, and I’m really loving the pattern. Everything is so clearly illustrated and explained, and […]

  2. […] pattern is from Burda, and the fabric is leftover from the two baby dresses I made earlier this summer. Just print out the pattern (it’s free!), cut out the little […]

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