If I’ve been a little quiet lately, it’s because Jerry and I have been moving. Moving furniture, moving books, painting bookshelves, drilling holes, finding studs (the kind in the wall, of course), sealing cracks, and scouring the oven.

So far, I’ve learned:

1. That it is possible to push a large wardrobe through the streets of Manhattan on a dolly, but that it is not advisable to do so for 35 blocks.

2. Guerrilla glue is useful if you break the legs off the wardrobe while pushing it over potholes.

3. A kitchen cart is a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

4. If you see something you like at Ikea or Bed, Bath, and Beyond, you can probably find it on Craigslist.

5. I do not like moving heavy objects.

6. Plants really do make everything better.

7. If you put a plant in front of a mirror, it’s like you have two plants.

More moving photos after the jump.

DSCN0217Our last supper in the old place: Grits, eggs & broccoli, and cantaloupe, served on the entertainment center.

box cityOur new place: box city.

DSCN0220An oasis of civilization.

painting bookshelvesPainting the bookshelves blue.

DSCN0232We bought our kitchen cart from a from a film maker in the East Village. We stopped to admire the view from his roof before he and Jerry carted it down six flights of stairs.

Van Gogh lunchboxVan Gogh lunchbox on a little red shelf.

Jerry hangs a plant close upJerry hanging plants.

DSCN0292See what I mean about the mirror and the plants?

2 Responses to Moving

  1. Gabrielle R. says:

    You guys are too cute! I want a cute house with a red shelf…

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