Why I Don’t Write Apology Posts

There is nothing worse, to my mind, than writing a post to apologize for not writing a post. It adds nothing, bores the reader, and displaces useful and interesting content. I would much rather have my reader browse the archives for recipes, trot over to another blog, or switch the Internet off together than to read a post about not writing a post.

Kate Harding has similar thoughts on the subject.


One Response to Why I Don’t Write Apology Posts

  1. Denise says:

    I was just thinking the same thing! As a reader, it doesn’t phase me in the least if someone doesn’t post for a while. We are sometimes busy living the lives that are written about, right? It feels awkward reading what translates to a blogger “tap dancing” when they feel the need to apologize for not being joined at the hip to their computer or camera. Great blog btw!

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