Where I’ve Been

Holy shit! It’s been two years since I last posted. A lot of stuff has happened since then.

Jerry and I got married. I made my dress. The pattern is from the 1930s, when film stars were covering up their busts and revealing their backs to appease the censors. This tactic also works with easily scandalized family members.

I spent a ridiculous amount of time constructing the dress out of tracing paper, then muslin, then some really nice fabric. At one point in the process, my grandmother asked me if “there was a little corner in the apartment where I could work on the dress without Jerry seeing it.” I told her that I needed Jerry to help with the alterations.

Here’s a clip of Jerry singing while I walk down the aisle:

Did I mention that our wedding was two weeks after the bar exam? Don’t worry, I passed.

Then, I moved into a women’s commune in Philadelphia about two weeks later because I had to start a new job and the job I got was in Philly. Jerry and I became Bolt/Mega/Chinabus ninjas because one of us gets on that bus every single Friday night no matter what. I’m typing this on the Bolt bus now – they should totally sponsor my blog! And, um, my marriage, which I suppose they are already doing.

So that’s where I’ve been. Working in Philly, weekending in New York, and paying off my student loans as fast as I possibly can.

I think I’m ready to talk about food and home and making a place for myself again.


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