Things I Love Thursday: (Nearly) Spring Edition

February 12, 2009


1. rosemary blossom 2. crocus 3. yellow tulips 4. sprouts

Pots of tulips and crocuses at the farmers market.

Apple pie a la mode.

Dollar books at the Strand.

Rounding the reservoir in Central Park.

Long-haired dachshounds.

Going outside without a coat.

Carrot salad. Sprouts.

Finding bulbs in the park.

Rosemary bushes at the farmers market.


Pie Extravaganza Report

February 11, 2009


1. Flowered lattice pie 2. B & W rolling pin 3. B & W Girl Rolling Out Dough 4. Twisted lattice pie

Last week’s pie extravaganza was a smashing success. We made two apple pies, two dozen pumpkin tartlets, a grasshopper pie, and a funny loaf-shaped pie with all the leftover apple and pumpkin fillings. We rolled out our pastry with a wine bottle and made crackers out of the leftovers.