Farmers Market Inspiration

February 21, 2009


Photo credits: 1. Don’t even think about it! 2. apples 3. beets 4. yams


Help Wanted

February 4, 2009


1. green cauliflower…or fluorescent broccoli 2. tomatoes 3. strawberries 4. carrots

Do you live near a farmers market? Is it open yet? What can you buy there this week?

Help everyone find local food – leave a note in comments and let us know where your farmers market is and what you can buy there. Bonus points for photos.

Year-Round Farmers Markets in New York

January 17, 2009

One of the best things about living in an urban jungle is that you can go out and buy turnips and rutabagas in the middle of January. In fact, there’s a great deal of local produce available year-round in the city, thanks to our amazing network of farmers markets.

Some of the markets are seasonal and some are year-round. I’ve compiled a list of year-round markets for those hearty souls who want to purchase their produce outside, in freezing temperatures, in the middle of winter.

List after the jump.

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