Things I Love Thursday: Botanical Gardens

February 19, 2009

botanical-gardens gum buds 2.snowdrops rocks and succulents 4. coi

Arbors. Coi. Bonsai trees. Orchids. Humidity.

All the quiet painters observing the plants.

Living rocks.

The first snow drops of the year.


Things I Love Thursday: (Nearly) Spring Edition

February 12, 2009


1. rosemary blossom 2. crocus 3. yellow tulips 4. sprouts

Pots of tulips and crocuses at the farmers market.

Apple pie a la mode.

Dollar books at the Strand.

Rounding the reservoir in Central Park.

Long-haired dachshounds.

Going outside without a coat.

Carrot salad. Sprouts.

Finding bulbs in the park.

Rosemary bushes at the farmers market.