Butternut Squash Pie with Cayenne Pepper

October 31, 2009

First, make a crust. This week, I used the savory tart crust from Pie Everyday and substituted whole wheat pastry flour for the white flour. Here’s the recipe:

Stir a pinch of salt into 11/2 cups flour. Cut in 12 tablespoons of butter. Mix in ice water, a tablespoon at a time, until the dough just holds together. Shape the dough into a flat disk and refrigerate for half an hour while you make the filling. When the dough is chilled, roll it out and put it in a pie pan, add the filling, and bake at 350 until it is done.

The filling: Stick the leftover butter nut squash with cayenne pepper, add two eggs, a cup or so of yogurt, another dash of cayenne, and a little milk in a blender and puree everything together.

Notes: The pie takes about an hour to bake, but it’s better to rely on your senses than the clock when it comes to cooking times. Other types of winter squash would be good too – this would work well with pumpkin or kombucha squash too.




Coconut Pie

February 26, 2009

There’s nothing quite like homemade pie crust in the freezer. I still have a few crusts left over from the Pie Extravaganza, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I can make pie on a weeknight, throw something together for unexpected guests, and experiment with fillings to my heart’s content. And none of it involves chopping sticks of butter until my arms go numb.

Inspiration struck last night, and I made a coconut pie. I beat three eggs, stirred in a can of evaporated milk, poured in a goodly amount of brown sugar (a cup? I didn’t measure), several capfuls of vanilla extract (I’m guessing I put in about a tablespoon), and finished off the bag of shredded coconut in my cabinet (I think I used about one cup of coconut).

I microwaved one of my frozen disks of pie dough for a minute, smooshed it into a pan with my fingers, poured the filling in, and stuck it in the oven. I  baked the pie 375 until I could smell the pie from the living room and the crust had turned golden brown. I’d guess that I baked it for about 40 minutes, but I wasn’t paying that much attention to the .

The point is that, once you stock up on pie crusts, you can do pretty much everything wrong (use a microwave, don’t use measuring cups, use your hands as a rolling pin substitute, ignore the pie while it’s in the oven) and it will still be delicious. You really don’t have to do anything special – anything with that much butter and sugar will taste good no matter what you do to it.

If you’d like to stock your freezer with some flaky, delicious pastry, there’s a recipe after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

Pie Extravaganza Report

February 11, 2009


1. Flowered lattice pie 2. B & W rolling pin 3. B & W Girl Rolling Out Dough 4. Twisted lattice pie

Last week’s pie extravaganza was a smashing success. We made two apple pies, two dozen pumpkin tartlets, a grasshopper pie, and a funny loaf-shaped pie with all the leftover apple and pumpkin fillings. We rolled out our pastry with a wine bottle and made crackers out of the leftovers.

Pie Making Extravaganza

February 6, 2009

1. Flowered lattice pie 2. B & W rolling pin 3. B & W Girl Rolling Out Dough 4. Twisted lattice pie

I’m having people over for pie-making tomorrow and I’m very excited about it! Everyone is bringing the ingredients for their favorite pie filling, so we’ll have a nice jumble of delicacies. I’ll make spanakopita and something else – I’m thinking about this blood orange tart from Smitten Kitten.